Elevating Eleven: Celebrating Yoyo Holdings’ 11th Anniversary in Style

What do you remember when you turn 11 years old? If you asked me, I was ready to face the final exam in my elementary school. Math & science are the worst, but hey I’ve passed those exams and here I am working at Yoyo Holdings. Hi! This is Maora, and I will tell you a story about how this office is celebrating the 11th anniversary with style..

The Highlights

Costume and Theme!

Since the anniversary party was held on October 24th and it is almost Halloween. The committee decided to ask everyone to wear a costume at the 80s Disco Party.

The enthusiasm to be bold wearing colors and disco attributes is pretty amusing, because our color codes at the office day are mostly monochrome & simple outfits. However, all aspects from the party were reflected in every aspect of the party. Employees are showing up with all colors and commitment, showing up to bring the excellence that Yoyo Holdings stands for in the past and for the future. 

CEO & CBO Sharing Session

The evening commenced with a special sharing session led by our visionary CEO, Kyon and dynamic CBO, Chacha. This was a unique opportunity to gain insights into the company’s journey, its vision for the future, and the challenges and triumphs that have defined Yoyo Holdings. A moment to reflect on the past and set the tone for an even brighter future, that we are in this journey together. 

Team Building Games

An essential aspect of our celebration is fostering unity and teamwork. To this end, Widya from HR team and Lugi from Ads team planned engaging team-building activities that will not only bring out our competitive spirits but also strengthen the bonds that make us a formidable team. These activities have tested our agility, strategy, and problem-solving skills all at once in these two games called Human Spelling Bee and The Fourth War (what a name!)

Rewards & Recognition

As part of our celebration, we honor and recognize the incredible contributions of the team members. Awards and accolades presented to those who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to excellence, innovation, and teamwork. This is our way of acknowledging the unsung heroes who make Yoyo Holdings what it is today. Here are they:

  • MVP Q3: Stivander Lumbantoruan
  • Office Sunshine: Lugiardo Eka Putra
  • Helping Hand: Rinka Apsari 
  • Always Present: Arya Adi Seto

Congratulations to all of you! 

Moments and Foods!

My favorite part of the event is actually laid at the beginning of the party. Lugi as the MC ask us to do the butterfly hug as we closed our eyes, tapped our chest, and said some mantra “You are doing great and you are enough”. As I saw everyone doing it, (no, I wasn’t closing my eyes to observe the event, lol) I realized that everyone is working so hard and keeps appreciating each other while we sometimes forget that we also need appreciation towards ourselves. 

Another favorite highlight that I want to share with you all is the food for suree!
Not only white rice on the buffet, we also have the signature Nasi Goreng served to our last Tuesday afternoon. There are also Daging Semur that taste super nice and tender, Ikan Rica-Rica the spiciest one (we loved it because we are Indonesian), and last but least Nata De Coco drink that we loved since the Bukber Yo! the event was served again at Yoyo’s anniversary party.

All in all, it has been a remarkable year for all Yoyo Holdings members and this one afternoon is a way to celebrate it. I can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude for our resiliency and enthusiasm to survive another year. Having moments at Yoyo’s Elevating Eleven Anniversary party is not only to celebrate all our 11 years of unwavering dedication and hard work but also to look forward to a future filled with opportunities, innovation, and success. The journey towards excellence continues, and with each year, we aim to elevate ourselves to new heights. May the force be with you!